Hepatitis B: Clinical guidelines/information

National Guidelines Publisher Date of Issue
Hepatitis B (chronic): Diagnosis and management of chronic hepatitis B in children, young people and adults NICE 2013
HSE 2014
Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of Chronic Hepatitis B virus infection EASL 2017
Hepatitis B and C: Ways to promote and offer testing to people at increased risk of infection NICE 2012
Hepatitis B: Pathway stadges to protection - Action, roles, responsibilities and standards DOH 2011
Hepatitis B antenatal screening and newborn immunization programme: Best practice guidance DOH 2011
Health clearance for tuberculosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV : New healthcare workers DHSSPSNI 2009
Immunisation Publisher Date of Issue
Department of Health 'Green Book':- Hepatitis B, chapter 18 GOV.UK 2016

Focus on hepatitis B immunisations - guidance for GP's

Information for healthcare professionals about the inclusion of hepatitis B vaccine in the routine infant immunisation programme





Migrant Health Guide Publisher Date of issue
Website supporting health practioners who care for migrants - now archived HPA 2011
Current Treatment Publisher Date of issue

Guidance on Drugs currently used to treat chronic Hep B

Guidelines for the prevention, care and treatment of persons with chronic hepatitis B infection