World Hepatitis Day - 28 July

Hepatitis B and C are blood borne viruses that are easily transmitted through contaminated blood and body fluids.  Millions of people worldwide are living with viral hepatitis and millions more are at risk. One risky exposure even many years ago, for example through sharing needles, tattoos or sexual contact, can result in infection. Many people do not even know that they are infected and they may live for many years without symptoms. Those infected are at high risk of developing severe chronic liver disease and can unknowingly transmit the infection to other people. Both hepatitis B and C are treatable and preventable. Anyone who thinks that they might have been at risk from viral hepatitis can discuss this and request a test from their GP, local sexual health clinic or drug and alcohol service.

The information on this website is for both the public and professionals, and was put together by the Northern Ireland Hepatitis B and C Managed Clinical Network. The overall aim of the network is to reduce the impact of hepatitis B and C on the population of Northern Ireland by improving knowledge of the diseases and increasing testing across the population and strengthening current services through improved joint working across disciplines. The Network is made up of representation from professionals across a wide range of areas including, acute services, primary care, drug and alcohol services, health promotion, and pharmacy

Any concerns and feel you need to speak to someone then please contact us

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