Hepatitis B public information leaflets

Hepatitis B (Could I be at risk?) information leaflet

Hepatitis B factsheet for patients

Easy Read leaflet - Hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV

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Hepatitis B:- Protecting your baby

Summary of hepatitis B facts 

  • It is a blood borne virus  protecting your baby English and 15 translations
  • It affects the liver
  • 100 times more infectious than HIV
  • High risk of sexually transmission
  • Infected mothers can pass virus to their babies 
  • It can be spread through sharing injecting equipment
  • Never share toothbrushes, razors or other personal items
  • It can survive in blood outside the body for days
  • Although there is no cure for chronic hepatitis B, there is treatment available which can help
  • There is a vaccine available to prevent Hepatitis B
  • If you previously had and cleared the Hepatitis B virus, then you are now immune for life